June 1, 2010

Design Inspiration & Ideas: Bedrooms

Here's just a few pictures I've been saving in my "Design Inspiration & Ideas" folder on my computer. I have no idea where these images came from as I've been saving them and not writing down the sources. 

Here's some inspiration for bedrooms:

This first one, is one that I'm really leaning towards. You saw back a couple weeks ago my visual decor for a new master bedroom, but since I found this picture I think I'm loving this even more. It's fresh and clean, and I like that. And it's not to romantic and girly for my Husband too, he even said he liked the yellow. And, he's wanted a poster bed for some time now. The next time we move into a house [which won't be for a while] is when we'll re do our bedroom and he'll finally get his poster bed. 

I'm loving the yellow headboard and night stands, I'm also having a love affair with yellow these days, can you tell???

This image, I do know came from thenest.com I'm pretty sure if I weren't married this would be my go to bedroom. However, it's a little too girly for the Hubs and my married self. 
I love the white and the clean lines of this room. I like the little sitting area as well. And that modern take on a chandelier is awesome as well. 

What design ideas are you drooling over these days?!!!???


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