June 1, 2010

Ice Box Lemon Pie

found this recipe a couple weeks back when I was on my baking binge, and I tried it and made it. This is a perfect dessert to make for summertime, it's fresh, pretty simple and will cool you off during those hot days like today in Arizona! 

This recipe came from Domestic Ease

::Couple tips::
  • Use about half of the Nilla Wafers to make the crust, using the whole box was way to many and the pie was more crumby that necessary. 
  • Keep it frozen, I froze it to set and then put it in the fridge later and it kinda fell apart when we cut into it. I re froze it after and it held up much better once we cut into it again. 
  • I topped mine with whipped cream, you can add a topping or leave it as is. 


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