November 14, 2010

Family Values

A few months back after I finished reading this book, I felt really challenged and inspired to write our own family vales/mission statement for our house. 

I wanted this to be something we lived by. 

Something we could refer to, and what what it means to be apart of the Worley House family. 

Something that our children could always refer to, that would shape our lives and be the model in our home. 

In the book she talked a lot about what values do you want your family to stand for? How do you want to run your home, and how do you want others to see your family? What impression do you want to leave? 

One day a couple months ago Orion & I sat down during lunch and talked about our family values, and what we wanted for our own family. 

After playing around with "key" words we came up with this phrase: 


Be kind, honest, thankful and always have fun together.

Love God, each other, and love others.

Serve God, serve each other, and show our love to others through servanthood.

I wanted to write these things down, and make something out of it so that we could frame it in our home and always have something we can look at and know what our family values and who we are as a family. 

Has anyone else done this? 

Do you have a family mission statement? 

If not, I really encourage you to do so. I think it really helped us define some key things that we want in our home, and what we want to teach our kids and how we want to live. 

And this little reminder brings accountability to it. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #43


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