November 30, 2010

{DIY} Christmas Card Holder

Every year I place the Christmas cards we receive on our fridge, this year I wanted to do something different and display them more in a way where our guest and we could enjoy them better. I decided on a green, white and silver theme this year for the holiday so keeping with that theme I picked up some satin ribbon in my color choices. 

I cut two pieces of green ribbon the same length, they can be any desired length. 

Then I cut a shorter one out of white satin ribbon. 
Using double sided tape I taped the ribbons to the wall with the two green ones on the outside and the white one in the middle. I snipped the ends at an angle to finish the look.

I then took my same white ribbon and made 3 bows, which I just eye balled and did free handed. I like that they are kinda perfectly imperfect, if you know what I mean! 

Here's what they look like all finished:
 Pretty little bows, a perfect little touch! 
Now, all I need to do is wait for the cards to arrive in the mail and use some double sided tape and tape them to the ribbons. I can't wait to start getting cards in the mail from all our loved ones. I love seeing how they have changed throughout the year. 

And this way, I have a pretty little way to gush about all the people I love so dearly. 
Be Creative Challenge
Week #46


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