November 10, 2010

Schedules & New Normals

I apologize for my last of presence on the good ole' blog here. As we settle into new routines, schedule and our "new normals" here at the Worley House I'm learning a new balance to life that I never knew before. 

All of a sudden, I went from having all the time in the world to having very small, narrow windows of time. Split between my two loves and what is now "my day job." Like anything else in life, right now I'm still trying to figure out how it all works together, how it fits and trying to make the most of what's important. 

We have a new schedule, here's a little glimpse of what our days look like:

5:30 am I wake up, get ready. 
6 am I wake Orion up, he gets ready. and we wake Ava up, get her fed & dressed. 
6:30 am we're out the door, on our way to daycare. 
7 am I drop Orion off at work, and head off to my long commute to work. 
8 am I'm at work for the day. 
4:30 pm I head out the door to get Ava from daycare.
5:15 pm I pick Ava up from daycare.
5:30 pm we're back at home for a quick change, feeding and playing before going to pick Orion up from work.
6:30 pm we're off to get Orion from work.
7:30 pm we pick up Orion from work & head home.
7:45 pm we're finally home, I start dinner while Orion bathes and gets Ava dressed for bed. 
8:30 pm we put Ava to bed, and Orion and I eat dinner together, watch t.v. or just hang out for a bit. 
10 pm I'm off to bed, to do it all over again tomorrow. 

This is what our days look like now, I am thankful that I have Fridays off to spend with my daughter and the rest of the weekend is ours. 
My prayer is that even though this new season that we're entering into is less than desirable that God would bless us during this time. The last week and a half has taken its tole on my heart and my spirit. I am grateful for a job and the financial blessing that comes with but I feel like I am grieving the loss of the Mommywood I wanted to have, the loss of not being able to be with my child like I wish I were, and the loss of the life we'd "planned" to have. 

There is always something to learn in every season of life, and I pray that I am willing and ready to learn and take something away from this season. 
So, as I get a hold and a handle on my new schedule and our new routines please know that I am not neglecting this blog, it is still my outlet, my scrapbook and one of the best forms of community I know. 

Bare with me. 

Pray with me. 

Let's encourage each other. 


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