November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

We had a great Thanksgiving celebrating with friends, relaxing all day and making memories as a family. 

Orion got up way to early [7 am] to go play football with the boys in the Alfonso Turkey Bowl. He scored a touch down, and was pretty pumped and proud of himself. 
 [after and induced food coma]

Ava and I spent the morning cuddling, playing and staying in our pajamas until we had to get dressed. I dressed her in her "Gobble, Gobble" shirt that Grandma sent! She looked adorable!

There was food, good food. And chocolate cake. I saved a slice and hid it in a corner in the kitchen until I was done drying dishes, then I put my feet up and enjoyed!

Thank you Destiny, it was delish! 
 [Happy Thanksgiving from The Worleys]

Before we left for the day we took some pictures together. I'm so blessed to have our daughter as part of our lives this year. She brings so much joy to everything, we feel like we're experiencing the holidays again for the first time with her in the house. 
Orion worked today, but tomorrow we're hanging out together and pulling out all the Christmas decos from storage and trimming tree here at the Worley House! I can't wait to play Christmas music, sip cocoa and dance around the house as we decorate and spend the day as a family. 

It's going to be fun! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 


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