November 7, 2010

Our First Family Vacation

My week has completely gotten away from me with this whole working Mom thing, right after we got back from vacation I started back to work on Monday. So this week has been crazy as we settle into a new routine and try to make the most of this situation while although completely not ideal in any way. 

We'd anticipated taking vacation during the holidays but that didn't work out like we'd planned and so we took a vacation at the end of October to Lake Havasu City, (LHC) Arizona. Home of Lake Havasu & The London Bridge. 

The founder of LHC bought the bridge and brought it back to the US when it was sinking in London centuries ago. So there's a big piece of history right smack dab in the middle of the Colorado River. The first day there we walked the bridge, took pictures and ate at this little local place with the best fries ever! 
 We checked into our hotel, got settled and did some more sight seeing around the city. Which included driving around the city and seeing some really beautiful scenery. We ended up spending the rest of the evening relaxing in our hotel room after a really long drive up there that day. 
Day 2, we mostly spent at the hotel pool, swimming, catching some sun, and relaxing. Much of this vacation was really low key and relaxing. Which was good, because it's just what we needed together before the craziness of our new schedule set in. 
Later that night we went to this little restaurant on the river, and I had the best salmon ever that night! YUM! I'd been craving some good seafood since we got there and this little local place hit the spot. We called it an early night, Orion wanted to watch the game so we headed back to the hotel and Ava and I chilled and Orion watched the game. 
Day 3, we spent the day at the lake. It was chilly that day, not so great for swimming. But, we took pictures, and collected shells and rocks. I sat and read a book for a really long time, and then we headed back to the hotel and did a little more swimming in the pool. 

Ava finally fits into the little swim suit I picked up for her when she was first born. She did great living in a hotel for a few days, riding in a car for more than an hour and was all around a great little traveler! 
Day 4, we packed up that morning and headed on our 3.5 hour drive home. We took our time though that day and rolled back into Phoenix around 2 pm. Just enough time to unpack, do laundry, and still have a large part of the day left. 
This vacation marks the first of many Worley House vacations. I'm already dreaming of where we'll go next. Mostly I'm looking forward to making more special memories with my sweet family, taking the time to be together is really important for us both, and just getting away for a time to refresh and recharge as a family and with each other! 

We had a great first vacation, I can't wait for next year in Oregon! 


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