August 29, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Virginia Living

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list and tell you why I love them, and why you should too! For a complete list of all the blogs I heart, click here.


Hello Friends, it's Monday!!! Are you excited, or probably tired like me?!? Here's something that will perk you up today........

Meet Alicia! She's blogs over at Virginia Living.  We went to college together, we were in the Mass Communications program you know before I changed my major and lost 2 semesters of credits. Ya, that one.

I'm not bitter, I digress.

She's a wife to one, and Mommy to two handsome boys. See aren't they cute?!!

I love keeping in touch with friends via their blogs, especially when they live so far away it's a great way to feel apart of their worlds. Alicia chronicles her life with "her boys", work adventures {she's a fab producer} and some of my fave posts she writes are these weekly Awkward & Awesome posts! They always give me a good laugh and a smile when I need one!

Grab some coffee, and read up!

Happy Monday!


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