August 3, 2011

Design Inspiration & Ideas: Master Bedroom

I mentioned before that we're re doing our master bedroom. It's a slow process, which we're fine with as we budget and save for the things we need for this space. It probably won't really be complete till we move into a more permanent living space {ie: stop renting and buy} but we're a few months away from seeing that dream become a reality again.

In the meantime we're making a list of things to do, tackling smaller projects and saving our pennies. That way when we do finally move we'll be able to just tackle the "big" projects and have a complete room. Well, that's the plan in my head anyway.

So far we've gotten new night stands, and refinished some lamps for our space. Here's a list of a few more things we want to accomplish in this space:
  • paint the walls
  • do a stencil effect on one wall
  • buy new curtains
  • new lighting fixture
  • buy a giant mirror to hang above the dresser
  • add some artwork above the bed
  • gallery wall of wedding pictures, artwork and other personal pictures
  • buy a new bed
Last year I stalked this bedding at Target till it went on 75% off clearance and snagged it for $24.99! It looks more greenish in the picture online, but it's really yellow and bright. It was our jumping off point for this room.

I've been collecting some inspiration photos over at Pinterest. Here's a few of what we're thinking for the space:

For the stencil accent wall, I really love this from KFD Designs

I love this lighting fixture that I found on, I think it's just the right amount of drama and glamour the room needs.

I want to do some sort empty frame arrangement above our bed, it may or may not be to much we'll have to see but I just love this.

And, lastly on the list is a new bed. Our current bed has been moved and put back together so many times a new one if for sure in order. Here's what I'm dreaming up:

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Or this,

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

We have a lot of work to do, and a lot of fun things ahead. It's so fun to see it all come together. I really want this to be a retreat for us. It's time for a grown up master bedroom.


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