August 22, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: The Possessionista

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list and tell you why I love them, and why you should too! For a complete list of all the blogs I heart, click here.


Happy Monday Everyone! Did you all enjoy your weekend?

Do you ever watch a t.v. show, or pull out a magazine and drool over the clothing and accessories of the celebs wearing them?

Yup, thought so! Do you then try and figure out where said clothing came from and how you can get your hands on them too?!!?

Yup, thought so too!

Meet Dana! She's the Possessionista and she can tell you where to find the fashion of your fave celebs and how you can get them too!

I have my sister in law to thank for this reading obsession, Thanks Jess!

Each week she answers reader questions about where to find the items you covet most from your fave celebs. Gives a run down of Bachelorette fashion, and some of your other fave t.v. shows. Plus, she's got some pretty sweet interviews with your fave fashionistas as well!

If you love fashion, you'll love this blog!

And, probably become a addicted too!

You're welcome!


Happy Monday! 


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