August 17, 2011

Pretty on Pinterest #2

Happy Wednesday Friends! I love mid-week, it means the work week is almost over, the weekend is coming, and getting to be home with Ava. And those things friends, make me very happy!

I've been "pinning" a lot of food ideas lately on Pinterest. I've decided that I need to start challenging myself to put some of these pinned ideas to use. Trying out 1 of the recipes that I've pinned each week. There's so much good stuff, and I love to cook and try out new foods.

Here's some of the ideas that I think will make it to my stove top soon;


with this:

And we're big fans of salmon in our home;

Are you drooling yet?! Hungry now? I'll let you know how my cooking adventures go, if they are hits I'll post the recipes here on the bloggy blog.

Still haven't joined Pinterest yet? I still have a few invites left, I promised you'll be hooked, inspired and thank me later!!!



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