August 1, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Leading and Loving It

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list and tell you why I love them! To see a full list of all the blog I heart, click here.

Happy Monday Friends!

Another Monday is upon us, and a I have a chance to introduce you to one of the blogs I really love. Today's blog I can't get enough of is Leading and Loving It. I can't even remember exactly how I found this blog, but I am sure glad I did. I started reading this blog last summer and it's become a great source of encouragement to me during these last two years in ministry.

This blog is geared towards Pastors wives and women in ministry, and even if you aren't in ministry or a Pastor's wife I really think you'll get a lot from this blog as well. At the heart of it is encouragement for women!

Here's a little bit from Lori on their website:
Leading and Loving It is a community that connects, encourages, and supports pastors’ wives and women in ministry.

I think the “typical Pastor’s Wife” is dead. You know, that woman who had it all together, never seemed to struggle, played the piano, attended every event, and met everyone’s expectations … although she could have had some help with her wardrobe.
I’ve heard, read and said “I’m not the typical pastor’s wife” so many times, I’ve started to wonder if she really ever existed at all … or if she really only existed in people’s minds and expectations.
We spend mass amounts of time, energy, emotion, and effort comparing ourselves to a myth. And the problem is … I fall short. My attention turns to my shortcomings and failings instead of staying focused on God and who He created me to be.
But the truth is, God knew exactly what He was doing … exactly who He was calling. He knows my shortcomings and my struggles, and He has extended His call to leadership and ministry anyway.
Maybe “typical” isn’t what I thought … maybe there is a new typical. Maybe I’m typical. The more I talk to Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry, the more I realize how alike we are.
Regardless of: Age. Location. Denomination. Church Style. Church Size. I’ve noticed that we all seem to have the same questions. The same struggles. The same difficulties.
I’m going to embrace the knowledge that maybe I am typical … a woman wanting to know Jesus, support my husband, love my children, care for our church, wrestle with my own shortcomings, grow in love and grace, keep my head up during the tough times, acknowledge that I won’t be all things to all people, be available to fellow-strugglers, and embrace who God made me to be.
I am not prefect. But I may well be typical … and that is fine by me.

Lori and her team of amazing pastor's wives from around the country weekly bring you exciting topics and resources through their blog. One of my fave series they did was the Just One virtual conference, this online conference was the biggest encouragement to me during a season in our lives of ministry. You can go here and watch the series online. I promise you that you'll be encouraged as well.

I also joined one of their "Virtual Community" groups last summer as well. The ladies I meet with online once a month have gone from strangers to dear friends. Although we've never met in person I have learned so much from them, and the community we've built as a group is something I treasure. I feel really blessed to be apart of a group of women who I can talk to and share with. Go here to find out more info on how you can become apart of one of these groups, or lead your own.

If you're needing some encouragement today, or want to hear from Godly women who have Godly advice and counsel I invite you to take a look today at their blog, and jump into one of most supportive online communities!

Happy Monday!


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