February 1, 2012

The truth is She Doesn't.........


I saw this movie a couple weeks ago, and it's really stuck with me. I love SJP so of coarse I wanted to see it, it's written and viewed from the perspective of a working Mom, her life, her kids, her woes and trials.

There's some funny scenes in the movie that I think all Moms and parents can relate to. Then there's really emotional scenes that I found myself relating to her character and seeing how that mirrors my own life.

The dynamic of a work out of the home Momma can be a tricky one. There can be moments of pure joy, and pure guilt. Moments where you feel or know you're missing so much, and it can be hard. There's this scene in the movie where Sarah Jessica Parker's character and the other working moms are scared and intimidated by the stay at home moms, and then later on you see the Stay at Home moms intimidated by the working Mom because they feel like "they can do it all" and they can't figure out their secret and wonder if they "measure up?"

Those scenes in the movie made me laugh, and really made me think.

A working Mom is something I can relate to, but the truth is I believe every Mom works. In the home or out of the home every Mother works and what she does is so important.

Want to know the other truth?

The reality is "SHE" me, you, other Moms we don't do it all. While although the illusion may make it seem like I can do it all, or the Mom next to you in the grocery store "does it all" the reality is NO ONE can do everything.

Nope, they can't!

For me, I carefully select what things I can and can't do based on my priorities. I know for a lot of Moms out there this is also true. Also, without the amazing support from my spouse and family I couldn't do anything. Not as a Mom, working Mom, wife, sister, friend, blogger, etc.

It's all about serving the Lord, the team around me and the support they give. Allowing me to follow my dreams, and giving me the freedom to be the MOM God has called me to be.

So when you're looking at that Mom who you think "can do it all" or when you're asking yourself;

"How does she do it?"

Know that she needs your support and encouragement just as much as you need it too! Let's create a community of motherhood that builds each other up. Instead of judging; let's encourage. Let's find strength in our differences and allow each Mom to be the best mom she can be for her children, for her family.

Here's my challenge for you; find a Mom today that you can encourage! Maybe it's a mom at your church, maybe it's your best friend. Or maybe it's a stranger. Encourage them! Tell them what you love about them, how you admire them, what ever it is find their strength and encourage them.

And, give yourself a break too!

You're a MOM, you ARE amazing!


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