October 9, 2013

Does the Second Kid Get the Shaft?

I bought Zane a new high chair a couple weeks back, it was a simple high chair this one from Ikea. It was $25, some of the best money I've spent. When I was face timing with my mom I showed it to her, her response jokingly;

"Second kid gets the shaft."

The high chair we had for Ava was a Graco brand, it reclined, it had two different trays and covers. It adjusted to several different table heights and had two layers of padding. It was fancy in my opinion. It also go food stuck in every little nook an cranny. It was annoying to chisel out food from every area. Constantly spending time cleaning it was so annoying. 

So, I sold it. On Craigslist. 

And when it came time to get another high chair I wanted something, Um.. a little more easy to clean. It was cheap compared to the Graco one. 

My mom's comment was harmless, I didn't take offense but it got me thinking.

Does the second kid get the shaft?

When I was pregnant with Zane I heard a lot of people say that the second one doesn't get all the photographs, doesn't get all the attention like your first pregnancy, etc. I'm sure you've heard some of this too if you have more than one child. 

And for some of those things they might be true for different cases. But, I tend to think that I second kid gets the benefit of all your wisdom that you learned the first time. 

In this case, I wasn't going to waste my time and money on another high chair that I hated and was hard to clean. No, sir. I wanted something that was simple. I think the second time around I'm wanting to simplify as much of this mom thing as I can. 

I'm fine tuning what worked and didn't work for me the first time around and implementing that into being a mom of two now. The second kid does not get the shaft. No, the second kid gets the much calmer, easy going me. The mom who is more confident in who she is as a mother, and what kind of mother she wants to be. 

That seems pretty darn good, don't you think?! 

What things have you done better the second time around? Tell me in the comments below. 


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