October 7, 2013

How to Involve Your Children & Family in a Healthy Lifestyle

Work Out & Move Together as a Family
One of the things that I've tried to do since day one, is make sure to involve my kids in my workouts. They don't work out with me every time but often times Ava will watch the videos with me and do jumping jacks with me or whatever. Having her there with me also teaches her about a healthy lifestyle. We also go on family walks together when we can, we play outside together as well. Just getting your kids up and moving is so great for them. When you and your spouse are dedicated your children see that too and it becomes apart of them.

Shop & Cook Together
One of the ways we involve our children is to let Ava shop with us and help us pick out healthy food options. She loves strolling through the grocery store and putting fruits and veggies into the cart. It's also helped my husband and I to shop together and have me show him labels and talk through why we aren't getting certain foods anymore and showing him the difference in foods. It's helped him get on board with some of the changes I've made in our diets. Cooking with your kids is just fun, I think it helps them to take ownership too over their meals when they see what goes into dinner that evening.

Set the Example
When you eat better and make healthier choices your kids and family will too. I realized before I started my journey that I was making healthier choices for my toddler than I was for myself. I was giving her servings of veggies and fruit at every meal and I was eating crap. When I make better choices in what I'm eating, my kids see that and it sets an example for them in how we eat and treat our bodies.

How do you get your kids and family involved? I'd love to hear your tips as well, share them with me in the comments below. 


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