October 7, 2013

Our Iowa Trip: Summer 2013

Summer is over in most of the country, but here in Phoenix it always feels like summer. This past summer we took our family vacation in July. We traveled back to Iowa where all of my immediate family lives. (brothers, sister, mom, step-dad, etc.) It's been almost two years since we've been back in Iowa. We made the trip for a couple reasons; one we miss family and two, most of my family hasn't met little Zane yet so we need to remedy that before he's a year old. 

My parents live in the country. Outside a small rural town. It's where I grew up, my family moved back to Iowa when I was 4 years old. They haven't always lived in the country but they moved there when I was in college and have lived there for the last ten years. 

There's something beautiful, simple about home that I love. Here's a little peek into where they live. 

 photo Iowa1_zpsfea581fa.jpg

There was a lot of swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's pool. There were trips to the Farmer's Market, eating at my fave local pizza place. There were simple nights around the camp fire, catching fireflies. Ava was so excited about these fireflies, catching them in jars and seeing them light up was a high light for her. We don't have them in Arizona. 

There's something special Midwest Summers. 

 photo IMG_4712_zpscc1398ba.jpg
 photo IMG_4824_zps69f56cd3.jpg

My brothers & sister. A serious picture is always most followed by a silly picture. That's just us. My brothers are six and eight years younger than me, my sister and I are 11 months apart. It's hard being so far away from them at times, but I am thankful for trips like these.

 photo IMG_4819_zps9c0ee5fe.jpg

Another high light of my trip was a day trip we took just over the border to Minnesota to see some of our friends and their babies. I'm so thankful for these girls that made the trip with their kiddos, to see me. My friend Jessie (to my right) is pregnant with #3 and her Hubby and Orion are really good friends. I love that we all got to see each other. 

 photo IMG_4805_zps6d7b9ce1.jpg
 photo IMG_4923_zps341e205e.jpg

Trip to the Zoo with my cousins and their kids, and my Aunt. My cousin Jeff is 10 years older than me, his wife Stacy I have known since I was in elementary school, she used to baby sit us. Now, here we are all these years later bringing all of our kiddos (second cousins to each other) to the zoo together. 

 photo IMG_4949_zps5148b57a.jpg
 photo IMG_4948_zps914a18c8.jpg

This trip was so fun! Seven days at home with family, to recharge and to reconnect. I love going home where things slow down, things are simple. It's a refreshing break from life. 

 photo IMG_4682_zps721c85ae.jpg

Swimming with Grandma & photo bombs my cousins! I can't wait to head back for Christmas. Ava is excited about snow and making snowmen with Grandma. The countdown is only a few more months. 


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