October 2, 2013

My Fitness Journey: Five Months In & Hitting a Plateau

Five months. This is crazy talk. On one hand five months has seemingly flown by. Then on the other five months has gone by very slowly and been some of the hardest months of my life.

I'm so thankful for this journey though. It has really taught me a lot about myself. About my will power, about my habits and about what I can physically push my body to do in order to achieve my goals. 

So five months in I find myself needing to push myself even more to break past the plateau that I've hit. I assume that everyone at some point or another hits one, plateau that is. 

So I've hit mine, and for the last couple weeks I've been trying really hard to push past mine and keep going. Here's what I can say for me I've had to look at the things that I've been falling behind on and push myself past those in order to gain new ground. 

One of those things has been changing my workouts, Jillian and I are still tight but I've been adding running to my mix and training with the Couch to 5K program. Who knows if I'll ever run a 5k but I'm really liking this running program. I've never been a runner, I've never liked to run but I do like this program and I'm determined to become a runner. 

I've been doing so great on my journey, it hasn't been easy at times but some parts of it have been. I'm determined to move past this plateau and each my goals. The only thing I regret in this journey is not starting sooner. Not taking control of my health sooner, and not caring about it sooner. 

I also wish that I would have taken my measurements from the beginning. From the beginning I've been weighing myself and keeping track monthly, but I wish that I would have taken my measurements from the beginning as well because I know that I've lots tons of inches as well. I took my first measurements about a month ago. 

Remember me telling you I weighed 190 pounds on delivery day? It took me 4 months of just eating right, portion control to get back to my pre pregnancy weight of 158 pounds. That's when I started adding exercise in, I knew it was going to take the combination of working out + eating well to make more changes in my body and overall health. 

The picture on the left is at the 158 pound point. The one on the right is where I'm at today, 130 pounds. 

left: before  158 pounds                                                  right: progress 130 pounds

I'm excited that I've hit my goals. So much so that it's time to make new ones. Which makes me super excited. I've lost a total of 60 pounds since giving birth to Zane, he just turned 9 months. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen, I'm excited that all my hard work had paid off. 

So, if you're sitting here on the fence of your health journey....go for it! Start. Don't wait, you won't ever regret becoming a healthier version of yourself. 


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