October 15, 2013

Watch Me Grow Zane: Five- Nine Months

My little Zane is growing so fast, and I realized it's been a loooonng time since I did an update about him. Like really long, like the last time he was three months old and now he's almost ten months. 

He's growing so fast, and honestly this whole second kid thing has gone by like a blur. It's a good thing I'm writing things down or I would probably forget them since I feel like as soon as he hits one milestone he's onto the next.

He's already got seven teeth! He started getting teeth at 5 months old and now has seven. 

He's currently wearing size 3 diapers, and wears 9 month clothing some 9-12 month stuff too. We were so generously given many boy baby clothes by one of my husband's co-workers that I haven't had to buy him much of anything till now. I've gotten him a few special outfits here and there for events such as his baptism back in May. 

At his 9 month well baby visit he weighed 27.5 pounds. 

He's always been very active from the beginning. Rolling over from tummy to back at just a month and a half old. Crawling at six months, and now just this past week at 9 months he started WALKING! Walking I tell ya, it's crazy. Ava didn't walk until just a week after her first birthday. So it's quite the difference with Zane. But, I should not be surprised by this because he has been almost exactly different than her in almost every area.

He's eating really well and still breast feeding. I've been able to breast feed him longer already than I did with Ava, and I'm thankful that I'm able to produce still when I wasn't with my first. 

 This glider chair is so very special to me. I remember when I was pregnant with Ava I thought that I didn't "need" a rocker/glider. So I didn't register for one and I didn't buy one. A month before she was born I decided that I wanted one, so I bought one in the most neutral color that I could afford at the time and I'm so glad I did. 

It's become the back drop for these "Watch Me Grow" monthly pictures for both my babies. I've spent many nights already with Zane in this chair rocking, and nursing him. I don't think that I can ever let it go once they are bigger. It's so special to me. It probably doesn't go anywhere else in my house besides a nursery but I think I'll keep it forever. 


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