May 5, 2008

1,2,3....times locked out!

It's true Hubby and I have lived in our brand new home for 1 week now, and we've managed to lock ourselves out of the house 3 times! This past Sunday was the 3rd time being locked out, at 9am right before Church. We have been very lucky each time to manage to get ourselves back into our house with out calling a locksmith.
#1 was the day after we moved in! We locked out garage the night before and knew we didn't have a key but figured it was fine because we had "working" garage door openers to let us in. So we woke up Saturday morning ready to paint and found out that the garage was locked and the openers didn't work. We couldn't get at any painting supplies, or boxes to unpack because they were all locked in the garage! Come to find out Hubby had flipped the garage power source to "off" the night before and didn't know that was the switch for it. So the garage door openers didn't work. Our good friend Eric came over and opened it with his credit card (some security we have!)
#2 was the same day....I know what you're thinking...seriously these Worley's need to have an extra key. We have 2 locks on our front door a dead bolt that has a key less entry pad on it so you never really need a key, just a code, and another lock that you have to have a key. Well, with out knowing it when we left to go get more stuff from the apartment we were moving out of I locked the dead bolt and brought the key. And Hubby locked the other lock and "thought" I had a key. We got home and quickly realized that we'd locked ourselves out again. Fortunately for us the window to the kitchen was unlocked and Orion crawled through and let us in.

#3 as I said was yesterday... My hubby had come home from doing truck that morning for the church and set the keys in the closet on a hook. Made himself coffee, while I finished getting ready. When we were ready to leave I saw Orion walk out the door with keys in his hand and I walked out behind him and shut the door. I heard Hubby say, "oh crap!" and I knew we'd done it again. Turns out those keys in his hand were to the church truck, not our car keys and house keys. But, hubby came to the rescue again and got us back in the house! We really need to get a grip on this! No more locking ourselves out of the house!


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