May 23, 2008

Road Trip

This weekend Orion and I made a "little" road trip to Oklahoma! We drove from Minnesota to Oklahoma. We're in town for Orion's friend Kyle's wedding, Orion is a groomsmen and I am looking forward to seeing him in a tux! We left Thursday night and rolled into Kansas City around 12:30 am and got some sleep. We arrived in Owasso this morning around 11 am. It was such a fun trip, we had some great times keeping each other awake by playing the state capital game, and state mottos!
We're happy to be here, even if it's just a couple days. Orion's friends from home are so wonderful, and I have enjoyed spending time with them in the three years that we've been together! I leave wishing I had a southern accent too!

Orion & I finally arrived in Ok!

Tonight was the rehersal and dinner. So fun to be with great people, and have a down home southern BBQ! Kyle's fiance' is truly wonderful. Melissa is even more beautiful and charming in person. Kyle really has picked a good one! She's adorable. Tomorrow is their wedding and I am so excited! I love weddings, and I especially love them when they are between two of your close friends. Orion is out having a "guys" night with Kyle and the rest of the men, while I am sitting here blogging and catching up on t.v. Ahh.....I love vacation! More to come on our Oklahoma adventures!



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