May 12, 2008

Collin Curtis Mills

He turned 3 weeks old on Saturday and I got to meet him for the very first time this past weekend. He's a serious sleeper this kid, he loves his naps, and one thing is for sure his big sisters love him more! I had to fight with my five year old niece Jocelynn for cuddling time! She didn't give up easily. He's so cute and adorable! My sister and brother in law have waited a long time for a boy, and you can tell they are totally in love with him. Here's a few pictures from the weekend and Collin's first meeting with Auntie Annie!

Sleep time

Auntie Annie

Cutie Pie

We're pretty much all in love with him!! I am 3 times an Aunt now. The list is complete with Collin now. Jocelynn is five, Alexia is almost 3 in September, and Collin 3 weeks old. I can't wait to spoil him along with the others.


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