May 6, 2008

Loving It!

I am loving DWTS this season! I get my dancing shoes on every Monday & Tuesday. Of coarse, I've always loved it you've heard me rave before but, last night was especially good! Kristi is my favorite celeb of the season, I've been a fan of hers since she was on skates. But, my favorite pro dancer has always been Cheryl Burke. She won two times in a row with Drew & Emmitt, she's pretty amazing! She's the best, and I love watching her. She's been out of the finals for a couple seasons now (last season she was paired with Wayne Newton), she's making a come back this year! Last night her and Christian' did an amazing job despite his injury from the week before. Cheryl choreographed a one armed routine so as not to put any strain on his left injured arm! They tore it up, and landed 1st on the leader board beating out top leaders Kristi and Jason. I hope they make it to the final 3! My picks: Cheryl & Christian', Edyta & Jason, and Kristi and Mark will be in the final 3! We'll see if my picks are right! Tonight is the 100th episode of the show and I am excited to see some of my dancing favorites take the stage again!


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