May 29, 2008

Save the Date

Save the date for August 8th! The Sisterhood is back! I saw a movie trailer for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 a few days ago. This is not a movie for a date night with hubby, this is a bring your girl friends and make a girls night out of it kind of movie. Hopefully I can make the reunion happen and find myself on August 8th in a movie theatre with the same two amazing women I saw the first one with. This movie holds a special place in my heart and always will. Brings me back to a theatre in Block E three years ago, with 2 amazing girls I call my best friends, and eating Coldstone afterwards! I feel as if then we were girls, just starting out on our own, but now we are women, mothers and wives. Sometimes a movie can touch your heart, make you think, and you know know that you are totally blessed to have great friends. We watched the first movie together as our own "sisterhood" laughing and literally crying when it was over. We stayed in our seats while the credits were read, and well after people had left. Here's a pic below of us at the first movie 3 years ago. >
I know it sounds silly but each one of us identified with with the 4 characters of the movie. We were missing a 4th that day which made the impact of the movies message even stronger and more meaningful to us. Much like the girls in the movie we are all scattered all over now, but I know that no matter the distance or what's happening in life we will always be there for each other. Call me the dreamer, or the eternal optimist, but I believe in friendship and the power that it has to complete you as a person, change you, and bring joy to your life. God didn't design us to live alone, and to be alone. I am thankful for my friends so much. Each of them has taught me something about myself, life, and how to love life, and embrace. I can sit here now and run down the list of the amazing girls in my life, and how God has orchestrated all of them for a certain time in life. You know who you are, and the place you have, and I am so grateful and thankful for you. I believe we have more to come, and our story isn't finished yet!


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