May 9, 2008

Hair today...gone tomorrow!

I just got a hair cut last night, and a color by the Fabulous Tarah Thomas! It's been about 3 months since I've had a hair cut and color; it was well over due! I've been wanting to do something different with my hair for a while, right after I got married I cut 9 inches off. Hubby wasn't excited about it, he thought it was cute when I got home but for the past few months has been begging me to grow it out and not cut it anymore. Needless to say last night was just a trim while I continue to decide what to do with my hair. My sister just got a sassy cut and new red hair color! She's pretty smokin'.
Today I am bored and supposed to be working, but I found this cool tool, and I have been trying out all sorts of different looks. This little tool allows you to try on tons of new hair cuts and styles as well as changing the color. It's fun and it's free! I've been playing with it a little this morning. Here's what I've come up with;

inspired by Reese

inspired by Lauren

What do you think? It'll take me forever to grow my hair out this long, but I am having tons of fun playing and seeing what I would look like with these new look. For now, I have sassy short blonde hair...which I love.

Happy Hair day Everyone!


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