May 2, 2008

Paint by Number!

Last night we finished painting are long awaited living room. While there really no numbers involved except for the number of walls, we took a break this week from house projects just to relax and breathe from the whirlwind of moving and doing so much all in one weekend. But, last night we finished the living room and we able to put the furniture in the room and set it up. Our living room used to be forest green and a mustard combination. Orion affectionately called it the "big green monster." So last night we tackled the "green monster" finally. It actually went a lot faster than either of us thought it would. After painting our bedroom, kitchen and half of our living room we thought the painting would never end.

Orion tackling the "green monster."

We did finish, and I couldn't be more happy to be done. We still have to do some trim spots that are tricky so we have to get smaller brushes, but for the most part we are done! I'm looking forward to a weekend of finally be able to UN-pack more and start decorating! Orion and I both agree we need some color! Right now we're living in a sea of brown paint. It's going to be wonderful when we're all done. It's been interesting doing it all by ourselves, it really makes it seem like "our home" now that we've done all these things to it. It doesn't even feel like the same home we looked at. It's finally ours, and there's no better feeling!

Saturday morning Orion and I will be getting a new stove put in, I am excited! It's funny how all these little things can make you so excited and happy. I feel really blessed that we've been able to have this nice house, and make the necessary repairs that it needs. God's really blessed us, and we couldn't be more thankful. It's something that we needed to replace because the old one is really old, and isn't working the best. When our inspector suggested we replace it as soon as we could for efficiency purposes and so that we didn't blow a fuse and start something on fire, we were like OK Lord; please provide! And he did, and we're getting a new one Saturday. It's a blessing.


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