May 19, 2008

Green Thumb

This past Saturday I got up early and went flower shopping. I've been so excited and wanted to plant some flowers around my home. I don't have much of a green thumb and most of the flowers I buy or that have been given to me usually don't last long. But I decided I was turning over a new leaf, and I was going to try and water them and keep them alive as much as possible. I found these cute little planters that would hang over my fence to plant flowers in. I wanted to get them done all before the house warming party at the end of the month. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, it was so much fun picking them out and then putting it all together. Finally I am done, and they are beautiful hanging on my fence. Even Orion was impressed! I added a few finishing touches to our patio that day. I added our welcome sign to our front door. I feel like the house comes more and more together each day. We're getting a new fridge this week, I'm excited to see the kitchen finally come together.

Chad came over this past Sunday to help Orion put up the hood over the stove. We bought a new one cause the old one really didn't match the new black stove. Next on our list of home things to do; get a guest room together. Coming from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house we don't even have enough furniture to fill it all. We're really excited to have a guest room finally and be able to have people stay with us when they visit. There's just one problem right now: there's no bed for them to sleep on. That is our next thing to work on this week. It's a work in progress. We love, love, love our home!


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