November 4, 2009

Free Tip of the Week: Buying Cheap Paint

We all know that paint can be expensive, although it is the easiest and probably cheapest way to transform a room. Here's some tips for keeping it all in budget:

1. When looking for paint I always check first the "Oops" aisle at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but sometimes you can find really great colors for super cheap. Today, we went looking for pink paint for Baby G's nursery, and we got lucky and found a gallon of Olympic paint, Semi gloss and washable paint for $5!!! Isn't that awesome. They had tons of colors too. I recommend checking this aisle first before heading over to the paint chips and samples. You never know what you'll find.
2. Invest, the first time and you'll never have to again! When we painted our home from top to bottom over a year ago we invested in paint trays and brushes, and extenders. Now, we still have them and can just replace the tray liners for 79 cents, it's cheap, cheap!! And it doesn't make the chore of painting seem so daunting.

3. Use a coupon, you can find coupons for hardware stores, Lowe's and Home Depot in the paper. And, my old stand by..... I always go to the local Post Office and they have those "Change of Address" packets filled with coupons for when you're moving. If we're doing a big project I'll go pick up one of those packets and use the coupons from it for our project!

4. Don't spend money on drop cloths, I use old twin sheets from when I was in college that we don't use any more as drop cloths. Also, you can hit up local garage sales or thrift stores and buy any old sheets to use. Super cheap and you can re use them and store them for when you need them next. Super easy.

Happy Painting and Finding good deals!

PS- sneak peak of Baby G's nursery coming soon! I'm starting painting tomorrow!


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