November 29, 2009

Made with LOVE for Baby G:

I've been seeing clips for infants and girls all over the place, I've even bought a few for Baby G. There are tons of great vendors on Esty, Lil' Sugarplum and other sites that sell cute, chic hair accessories for little girls.

After Orion told me that I should start making my own instead of buying them other places, it got me thinking..... so today I picked up some supplies and from 6pm till about 10pm here's what I made for Baby G:

There's about eighty total, there's no way Baby G will be able to wear them all but I think I might give them away to friends and family that have little girls. I have two little nieces that these would be perfect for!

What do you think?

Hubby says that I should try to sell them on Esty, would you buy them? Which ones are your faves?


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