November 17, 2009

Nursery Sneak Peak Pt. 4

Part 4 of our Nursery Sneak Peak; This will be our last series of posts until our BIG reveal of the room. Enjoy!
The finished crib skirt! I'm happy and excited with the way it turned out. And it was so awesome to take the time to make this just for her.
A side view of all the panels.
Our changing table the matches the crib! We added these black baskets, they coordinate with the silver rings in the curtains we chose.
Her bed. I want to hang a chandelier mobile above her bed, and add some art work above the bed too.
Another view: We're going to add curtains, a rug and some artwork to the walls. This is fast becoming my fave room in the house. I have found myself sneaking down the hall and standing in there imagining her sleeping and playing in there. It's so pretty, and I love how it's turning out.

BIG Thanks to our Pastors, who bought Orion and I Baby G's crib mattress on Sunday. Such a huge blessing and so unexpected! We're so thankful and completely blessed to have you in our lives and to get to work for such great people!

More to come in our BIG reveal stay tuned!


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