November 18, 2009

It's almost here.....

I'm excited for Thanksgiving next week, it's Orion's favorite Holiday and I love making it special. This year we'll be spending Thanksgiving in Cottonwood, AZ with my second family. I'm very excited to spend two wonderful days with them, and thankful that we're here and can see them. The Islas' family took me in when I did my internship back in college, they were my host family. Who knew that we'd bond and become so close?!! I'm so thankful for the blessing they were in my life, and now how much of a blessing they are to both Orion and I.
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Friday, we're spending the day with our staff here at Destiny Church! The ladies and I are going shopping all day, while the guys watch football and lounge at home. Then we'll all come together for dinner. I'm excited about to spend Thanksgiving with our new "family" here. It's going to be a different holiday season for us since moving here, but Orion and I feel incredibly blessed to have such great and wonderful people here who care about us, and love us immensely. It's such a blessing, and something we've been looking for along time. We always knew that one day when we became apart of a church staff that it would be like this, this is what we waited for. We could have taken many offers before but none of them were right, and it's exciting to be in this stage.

What are you doing with your family, friends and loved ones for Thanksgiving?


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