November 16, 2009

Nursery Sneak Peak Pt. 3

This weekend Orion and I bought the rest of the supplies we needed to finish the painting in her room. Sunday after church I prepped and measured the rest of the stripes and painted the white ones. Orion wanted to do the black ones for Baby G.
We picked up a fancy new lamp base and shade from Target, I love the look of the clear acrylic and the pale pink shade. I think it's going to look awesome in her room.

Orion painting the black stripes! I was so anxious, I couldn't wait ti rip off the tape and see what they looked like!
Here's one wall all complete! Don't they look beautiful? I'll have to take another picture so you can see the room in full effect!
Here's the inspiration for the room, and will be the fabric used in her bedding. I saw this fabric a while back at JoAnn's and looked all over for bedding. And when I didn't find anything that I liked or was reasonably priced I decided that I'd make my own.
Here's a little sneak peak of her crib skirting. I added the ribbon trim to it after I hemmed it.

We also got in the changing table this weekend, and hung the curtain rod. Now all I have to do is finish the bedding, buy curtains and add some fabric lining to the changing table and we'll be ready for the BIG Nursery Reveal!


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