April 26, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: The Lettered Cottage

This week's Blog Roll is dedicated to all things home design/decor! Enter Kevin & Layla Palmer at The Lettered Cottage. I found their blog via True Value's DIY Challenge posts, and fell in love with their sensible style, cute home, and their love for all things thrifty, and DIY!

They took their rancher style home and turned it into something amazing, and their still working on renovations. Their bathroom reno was amazing, as is their latest kitchen reno. They have some really great ideas for freshening up a space.

Kevin is all things hands on, and Layla is the designer behind it all! They make a great couple! Hop on over and check out their blog, I promise you'll walk away wanting to knock out a wall and start your own reno. Or, at the very least you'll wanna re decorate!

Click on the picture link above!

Happy Monday & Happy reading!

image link: The Lettered Cottage


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