April 24, 2010

Watch Me Grow: 1 Month

Jitter bug. Little Lady. Sweetie Pie. Love Bug. Sweet Pea. Princess.

These are just a few of the names that we affectionately call our girl. She's already one month old I can hardly believe how fast this first month has gone by. It's been so much fun watching her and having her in our world these last few weeks, our little family of three. 

In one month, she's sleeping now about 4 hours and then waking up to nurse at night. She's weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. She's been known to hold her head up for 10 seconds at a time, she's a strong girl already. She smiled real smiles for the first time this week. She's moving her arms and legs like crazy. Very active. 

She's been on her first road trip this month. Took her on walks in the park on numerous occasions. Spit up on Mommy lots and pooped on Daddy even more. 

I can't wait to watch her grow [and of coarse document it] over the next twelve months. 

We love you so much Ava- Mommy & Daddy. 


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