April 21, 2010

Free Tip of the Week; Get Carded

I love cards, birthday cards, and cards for no reason at all. I love getting them and giving them to friends and family for all sorts of occasions. I always keep on hand a stack of birthday cards and thank you cards to give to people.

I scooped up this box of cards, at Ross for $5.99! Fifty cards for cheap-0, a box of 50 cards that range from birthday to sympathy cards. Which I don't use often, but it's nice to have a variety on hand always.

50 cards, for .11 cents a piece. Not bad for $5.99
Then I take them and sort them into my card organizer by month or occasion.
I also keep stamps and stickers on hand here. I also store some of my fave cards that people have given me here as well.
My card organizer: (are you surprised that I have a card organizer?) You could replicate the same idea with a recipe box or a plastic tote and out dividers in it and mark them with your desired categories.


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