April 3, 2010

New Uses for Votives

I'm a little behind on my BC Challenge postings 2 weeks to be exact, but you understand having a baby and all! :)

Anyway, I needed to find something to house my cotton balls and q-tips in our guest bath room. My first rule whenever I am in "need" of something is to shop my house and look at the things I already have and see if I can find something before going out and buying something new.

I acquired these glass votives, I'm pretty sure they are from Ikea when we moved into our home. The old owners left them all there in a closet, and I've got 10 of these. They have just been sitting in a closet these last few months just waiting for something like this to use them in.

So, I washed them up and put them to use:
They are pretty perfect for holding lots of things, these tooth picks for example!
And, here they are on my guest bathroom counter lookin' very fab! They did the trick and I love the glass and how simple they are. You might not have ever known they were votives if I didn't tell you all my secrets. :)

What do you reuse around your house?

BC Challenge
Week #12


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