April 10, 2010


This week's Be Creative Challenge (BC Challenge) isn't my own idea, but one that was done for me. It's just to great not to share with all of you and challenge you to do the same for someone you love.

At my January baby shower back in Minnesota the ladies at the shower wrote me little notes, and put them inside envelopes to be opened when they deemed on the front of the envelope.

I was able to then take these home and open them when the time came. I've opened two so far, and these ladies really know how to encourage and uplift a new Mommy!
This morning, while over my S*bucks I sipped and read some encouraging notes written by my friends.

All labeled nicely for when I am to open.........
A bunch in the stack that I still get to open over the next few months & years (seriously, years....one says "open when Ava gets married") I hope I don't loose the note before then.
I think this is such a fantastic idea you can do for your girlfriend having a baby or for that Bride to Be at her bridal shower. Or you can do this with your youth group girls at a sleepover or party. There's so many ways to spin it.

Happy writing & creating!

BC Challenge
Week #13


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