April 24, 2010


A long, long time ago my Grandma taught me the fine art of good deals, sales, garage sailing and thrifting. 

While she was here a couple weeks back we hit up some thrift stores, and I was pleasantly surprised by one at how many brand names there were in the thrift store. Naturally I started looking for stuff for Ava, and came out with some pretty awesome finds. I've now decided that she needs no more clothes for a while, she has way to many as is and her dresser drawers are busting as the seams! It's just so hard to resist cute stuff for your baby girl! But, I vow to try. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my fave finds of the day with you: 

This cute dress is from The Children's Place, a fave store of mine. Isn't it cute?!
I love this dress with a matching coat. It's to big now, but it'll be the perfect Easter dress for her next year. 
This dress was one of my fave finds of the day, it's from Gymboree. I heart Gymboree for little girls. And at $1 you can't beat it. It even has a cute rainbow bow detail in the back. 

What have you thrifted lately? Do you prefer garage/yard sales over thrift stores or do you love them all?


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