May 29, 2010


All the Sex & the City buzz this week has gotten me to thinking and remembering times with my girlfriends. Moments, memories and laughs that I'll remember forever. Moments that have shaped who I am and made me better in the end just for knowing the ladies that are in my life. 

Maybe you watch SATC and maybe you don't because you're to afraid of the connotation that goes along with it, but at the heart of the story it's about four girlfriends being there for each other and where life has taken them. 

Carrie, might have these amazing girls to live life with, but I've been privileged to live life with these amazing ladies:

I am reminded time and time again how each friendship is different, and serves a purpose. Each of these ladies has come into my life at a certain point and each holds a different place in my heart. I'm blessed to have some amazing women in my life to call friend.

Stay tuned, I hope you'll enjoy this little series with me.


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