December 1, 2010

{DIY} Adding Pizazz to Pillar Candles

These pillar candles are from IKEA, I got them last year to add to our mantle. Hubby suggested that we jazz them up for the Christmas season I actually have to give him credit for this whole idea, I merely put his "vision" into play. :)

Here's what we did:

Get this stuff first:
2 pillar candle (you can get these anywhere)
Ribbon (any color or width of your choosing)
Double Sided Tape (I really like this stuff, it's pretty handy)

What I love about this idea so much is that you can use this method for any holiday or event that you might have. 

Using the ribbon measure the circumference around your pillar candle and cut the ribbon. Then using our tape one end of the ribbon to the candle and then over lap the other end and tape at the base. I did mine at the base of the candle, you could also try them in the middle of the candle or a variation of the two. 

Here's the awesome after:
I love, love how they turned out! So simple, yet very classy! I've added them to the mantle we're working on, here's the blank slate we've started with:
Stay tuned later this week to see how we put all these Holiday DIY ideas to use and made a special little Worley House mantle. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #47


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