July 31, 2011

12 in 12: Book #7

Book #7 

For the seventh book in my 12 in 12 Challenge, I decided to read a book that was given to me but our Pastor's Group at District Council this year. 

Dick Hardy, is a former Pastor and Church Business Administrator turned Church Consultant. The 27 questions he covers in the book are great questions that every Pastor I think asks at some point. He gives you the guidance and answers to some of those questions. 

I really felt like this was a great book that every Pastor should read. Every staff person of a church should also read this book. It has great perspective, and gives a clear picture of things that go on in the "inside" of church sometimes. 

The chapters are short, and very easy to read. I really like this book, and thought it's a great valuable resource for people in ministry. 

**** {my star rating}



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