July 21, 2011

Celebrating 4 Years

A week ago was our 4th wedding anniversary! Orion and I have been together for six years {married 4, dated for 2} and in the best possible way it feels like we've been together even longer. Celebrating four years of marriage was so fun for us! Each year that we're married is a celebration in and of itself, I know each year that's gone by we learn more about each other, we grow together more, we grow as people. We're better people because of each other. Orion makes me want to be a better wife and mother, a better person for those that I meet and will come in contact with.

When I think back on each of these last four years so many emotions come to mind, they are marked by significant milestones, heart aches and triumphs! They have been years of testing of our faith, our reliance on God and learning to trust on the Lord and in each other. As we sat at dinner celebrating our anniversary last Saturday we talked about these things. How they have changed us, made us better and how we have learned so much from times in our life when if you'd have asked us 4 years ago we would have never thought any of {this} would be in our lives. We're better and stronger for all of it. We're thankful for it.


As we head into our 5th year of marriage we feel excitement and anticipation. I told Orion when we were out for dinner that I feel like "this is our year." Not that the last four haven't been but we have packed in a lot in the last four years, been through so much not always bad but it's been a lot of transition. And, I know that we'll always be learning and growing people that is just apart of life and who we are. At this point in life, we finally feel settled. We finally feel like we're in the best possible place spiritually, physically and mentally to take on the next year and all its joys and challenges. We're entering a new phase of life and we're loving where were headed. 

Big changes are ahead for us and we're excited. Orion started Graduate School last week, we're just a year and a half away from seeing him complete a major milestone. I'm so excited for him. Excited for the growth that will happen in his life, excited for the doors it will open and what God's going to do in his life. He's also training for his first 5k this fall, working his way towards his goal of a marathon and then and Iron Man. 

Each and everyday we're reminded of God's faithfulness and provision to us. We're truly blessed. 

Life isn't going to be perfect always but this is our perfect. This is our happy, this is our life. 

I just wanted to say a "welcome" to the new readers of Worley House!
I'm glad you're here! 


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