July 1, 2011

My Trip to Minneapolis

I realized that I hadn't yet shared about my Minneapolis trip, it was a whirlwind weekend filled with a lot of things but it was a lot of fun too! It was my first ever solo trip sans the baby and my Husband I've taken since Ava was born. Truth be told I wasn't nervous at all about leaving, I know my Husband is more than capable of taking care of her and holding things down here at home. So it made me leaving for the weekend a little less stressful.

I had an early morning flight on the 17th, which with the time zone change ended up being later in Minneapolis. When I stepped off the plane and into the airport a funny feeling hit me that this wasn't my home anymore. A city where I spent the better part of seven years was no longer home, but very familiar to me. The truth is it'll always be apart of me, and it'll always feel a little bit like home.

My friend Jessie picked me up and we headed to lunch. I spent the rest of the weekend soaking up as much time with Jessie and her family {they are some of our best friends} kinda wishing that Orion and Ava were with me during this time. Running back and forth to Miss Minnesota events {since that's what I came for} and then Saturday I got to have lunch with some amazing ladies.


I miss these girls a lot. It's been hard for me here to form friendships, I miss my friends every day. So getting to spend just a little time with them and catch up was such a blessing. They are the kind of friends who when you see each other again you just fall right back into where you left off. They each mean something different to me, and I am so thankful and grateful to call each of them friend. Jessie I saw in February, but the other three I hadn't seen since last year when I was in Minneapolis for my baby shower. It was long over due.


Thanks girls for coming to see me and spend the afternoon with me! I miss you all more than I can say, but so thankful to have seen you. Let's all plan a vacation for you to come to Arizona next, I think that sounds like fun! 

Next up, pageant deets!


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