July 25, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Momma Go Round

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature here where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list. For a complete list of all the blogs I love click here.  


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, ours was great! We had a really good weekend of family time. Orion and I have been enjoying nightly marathons of Friday Night Lights! Side note; I read the book when I was in high school but when the show started on t.v. I didn't ever watch because I was thinking it wouldn't follow along with the book, BUT it's so goooood!!  Why was I not watching before! 

Anyway, where were we?!!?

Meet Nina Everyone! She's the blogger behind an awesome blog I've been reading called Momma Go Round! 

Momma Go Round

Nina is probably most famous for in blog land for her Real Momma, Real Style Mondays where she chronicles her adventures in taking risks in fashion, all while keeping it real and budget friendly. I love her posts, she embraces her body for who and what she is and provides tons of encouragement and wisdom along the way to others reading her blog. She even has a link up every Monday, someday I'll get the courage to get some fashion on and post pics of myself. 

She also, has an adorable baby boy and Hubs! She shares awesome craft tutorials, and home decor tutorials as well. One of my favorite posts was this one that she wrote as a guest post on another blog, which led to this post that I also love. 

She's a real girl.  She's honest and I love that. 

Check out her blog, give her some love today!

Happy Monday! 


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