July 16, 2011

{DIY} Thrift Store Lamps Drab to Fab!

I mentioned before that we're re doing our master bedroom. Now that we have awesome night stands we needed equally awesome lamps to go with. My husband and I aren't very good grown up seeing how we haven't had a set of lamps in our master bedroom ever. In my defense in our old house we had matching sconces on the walls that acted like lamps so there really was no need.

I digress.......

On was the hunt for some awesome lamp. I searched many stores like this one, and this one but I always seemed to miss when they had a set of matching lamps. Whenever I got there they only had one and not two.

I gave myself a budget for the room. I sold a lot of our old furniture on Craigslist so armed with that cash I wanted to work on finding a few pieces to complete the room.

I happened upon two matching lamps while thrifting at Goodwill a couple months back. I knew they'd be perfect. A quick pic text to the Hubby, I plugged them in to see if they really worked. Yup, they did and for $5 a pop I was SOLD!

Here's what they looked like before when I brought them home:


After closer inspection I realized someone had actually painted over them with silver as the brass what scratched off in a few places. Smart people. But, I knew it was nothing a few coats of primer and some hi gloss spray painted couldn't cure! 

I cleaned them off, and did about three coats of primer on them. And wait for them to completely dry before painting them. 

Hubby and I agreed we wanted them black, when I suggested high gloss black he went for it! Armed with a $5 gift card to True Value we went and picked up some spray paint. 

The lamp shades actually cost more than the two lamps, but since we figured we saved a ton on the actual lamps we could splurge on the shades. And once I find something we both like, I'm quick to scoop it up! 


We liked the edge piping at the bottom we feel like it gives it a tailored look in our room. Want to see the awesome after?

Okay, you twisted my arm! 


Aren't they awesome! We're so happy with the way they turned out, and now I can enjoy reading in bed and watching Real Housewives on my computer at night! ;) 

Cost Breakdown:
Lamps $10 for two
Shades $24 for two
Primer already had
Spray Paint free with our gift card from True Value

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