July 8, 2011

{DIY} Refinishing Night Stands

I'd been on a Craigslist hunt for about a month for some night stands to refinish for our master bedroom. It's always trail and error with Craigslist trying to find the right furniture for the space and price I wanted to pay. I was about to give up, and then I found these beauties for $80 for the pair. I was hoping to find some for $50 a pair but had been searching for so many weeks that I decided to go take a look at this set and see if I liked them in person.

I think if you're patient and keep looking you can find some great deals.

I sent the Hubs to go look at them. I called ahead of time and spoke with the seller and offered them $60 for the pair and they took that offer, but before my Hubby left I told him to offer them $40 when he got there and see what they said. {it never hurts to ask!} To my surprise he came home with two night stands and they took my $40 offer!

They did come with drawers, but I forgot to put them back in before I took the picture.


We're currently re doing our master bedroom and have been completing a series of projects to make it complete, the night stands were next on our list! We knew we wanted to paint them a gray color off to Lowes we went to pick up the perfect shade of gray paint. After picking up some paint and brushes we primed and got to work. This project took us a couple days to finish. The Hubby sanded them both and then I primed them in one evening, and then the next day we painted one while Ava was sleeping and then waited till the next day after that to do the other one. Lucky for us Arizona is HOT, HOT in the summa time even at night so they dried quickly and we were able to get them done in two nights after Ava went to bed.

I knew I wanted to replace the hardware, so I searched for a few days to find the right ones. I found some at World Market and bought them and came home and the screws were to short to fit the hole. Took those back and went to Hobby Lobby, Target, and Lowes before finding ones I liked at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! NICE!


We're so happy with the way they turned out and we feel like real grown ups with night stands now.

I love that there is a drawer for all my stuff to be hidden and out of sight when I'm not using it. And a shelf below for other odds and ends. We plan on finding some sort of basket to go in there, but I'm having a hard time finding just the "right one" with the right dimensions to fit. But, I like "hunting" for things so it's a good kinda hunt!

Let's take a look at them:


PS- see those lamps? yeah, they are a whole other story. *coming soon* 

Cost Breakdown:
Nightstands $40 for the pair
Paint $10
Brushes & Sandpaper free already had these
Knobs $3 for the pair

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