July 11, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Happy Together

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature where I high light and talk about one of the blogs on my reading list. For a complete list of all the blogs I love, click here. 

I found this blog via Pinterest {love that site} I got hooked on this tutorial she had of a shirt she refashioned and I needed to know more about how I could make this myself too! Lucky for me Jessica of Happy Together is very generous on her blog and gives you lots of step by step sewing tips and instructions. 

Meet Jessica of Happy Together. Isn't that a cute blog name?!!!?!

{click the link}

Jessica is currently preggers with her 2nd baby girl, and she's got the most adorable maternity wardrobe I've ever seen, seriously it's cute! And, all made by her!!! Aren't you even more jealous in a you still love her anyway kinda way?!!! 

Yup, I thought so! 

For a complete list of all her tutorials go here. Her no sew poncho is next on my list to try and make, but she's not just about sewing and crafting she chats about home decor as well, check out her daughter's "big girl" room. 

And for more things that will inspire, check out her adorable Etsy Shop! 

Mommy to one and almost two girls, wifey {her Hubby's in the military} and from what I can tell on her blog she seems sweet as pie! 

Stop by her blog today, and tell her I sent you! 

Happy Monday Everyone!! 


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