July 22, 2011

Watch Me Grow: 15 Months

This post is a little over due, Ava has been doing so much this last month! She's keeping us on our toes and making us smile and smile everyday.

When we took her in for her 15 Month Well Baby Check up, the Doctor was really please with her growth. She is still small for her age but growing steadily every month. She's right where they want her to be, which is awesome to hear especially since we had that growth scare at about six months. The smallest part about her is her height. She has small parents, and probably isn't going to be very tall. To us though, she's the cutest! Here's her stats:

Weight: 20.8 oz. 50%
Height: 30 in. 50%
Head Cir: 18.5 in 50%


She's currently wearing all 18 month clothing. I just packed up the last of the 12 month clothing the other day, it's all to snug. She's wearing a size 3 shoe, but grown almost out of them. We're going to have to go shoe shopping soon.

We finally have made it another size up in diapers, she's now wearing a size 4. We want to start the potty training process at 18 months and see how she does with it.


Some of her favorite past times are digging into the pantry to take out all of the plastic containers to play with them. Chasing Bentley around the house. We've taught her how to throw his toys and she likes to run after him. She also really loves her books, and can be found "reading" quite often. We love to listen to her jibber jabber.


Speaking of running, watching her learn to run is so cute. She's got these tiny legs, and sometimes they get caught up but she works it out and his having fun going all over the apartment. She's into everything these days, we really have to keep and eye on her.

We enjoy dance parties at night, bath time with her. She's now trying to climb out of the tub and definetely let's us know when she's ready to get out. She no longer sits in the tub but rather stands the whole time.

Some other experiences that have happened this month, she got bit at daycare by another kid. We had to get blood drawn again to test her iron levels. It was a horrible experience for all involved but I'm happy she's at normal levels again and we don't have to continue the suppliments.

As usual time is going by to fast. And, if you're a Parent I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say sometimes I just want time to stop. I got Ava's first year photo album in the mail this week and it made me tear up a little looking at all her pictures from the first year. Here's a few videos of Ava that make us smile.

I like to call this one: Mall Walking

And, this one: I heart Apple Pie


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