July 27, 2011

Baby Products We Love Part 2

I first shared some of the baby stuff we love way back last year when Ava was just four months old. I still love all those products, but now that's she's a little older and we're onto different stages I thought it was time to do a little run down of what I'm loving these days.

Parenthood is a bunch of trial and error sometimes I think. Finding the right baby products is much the same way I think. I remember registering for sippy cups and toys that Ava wasn't going to use right away as an infant. Wouldn't you guess that I got 4 different sippy cups that I registered for and she doesn't like any of them! She couldn't drink out of any of those, and so I was on a hunt and quest to find "just the right" sippy cup that wouldn't leak either.

16 months later I think I found one! My advice, don't register for a bunch of stuff your baby isn't going to use right away, especially when you don't know if your baby will take to or use that specific product. There's a million pacifiers to choose from today, but instead of registering for a bunch of those leave them off your list and just buy 1 or 2 to try out. Let everyone else buy you more useful things like diapers, furniture, and things you'll actually use right away.

These are some of our my favorite things to use, toys we love, and products are can't live without. Let's start with beauty products; every baby needs to smell good right?!

baby products we love

One of the things we've learned is that Ava is allergic to every. single. diaper! Except Pampers Sensitive, don't worry I've tried them all even the generic ones. Yup, allergic to them too! So for the sake of keeping her rash free we keep her wearing Pampers and we use the same wipes. Although I'm testing out an experimenting with Target brand sensitive wipes and so far they seem to be OK, we might be able to make a cheaper switch on wipes soon. It's the little things, I know.

She also has eczema really bad, and she's allergic to {again} pretty much every baby lotion and soap except for the dye & fragrance free organic ones. We use Aveeno baby lotion & shampoo, and their eczema cream lotion to help clear that up and keep it under control.

more baby stuff

Finally I found a sippy that is spill proof and I love, the Playtex Sipster is our friend. Ava doesn't have a lot of toys and the ones she does have all were given to her by her awesome family. This Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Table is one of our faves that keep her busy, She also loves this one, and this one too. Books, she loves them. And I do to, I'd rather be reading to her than anything else. She often times will carry around a book and sit on the floor and "read" to herself. It's pretty much the cutest thing, and we read before bed every night together. It's our special thing.

We're trying to break her of the pacifier right now, but for a long time this Booginhead pacifier grip has been my friend. It has a universal fit so it'll go on any pacifier you have. It has saved us from loosing them in the car, on a plane and at daycare. Lastly, we love food! We love snacks. I really love the Annie's Homegrown Organic snacks.  I know exactly what's in them, and I feel good about letting her eat these, plus they are in the shape of bunnies, isn't that cute!

The next item I really love and appreciate it is the Snack Trap by Made for Mom. It has two handles for easy griping, and keeps snacks in instead of on my floor. I really like it because Ava can walk around the house with it, or we take it on errands. It's always full of snacks and in her diaper bag at all times. It's handy, convenient and makes life better!
So there you have it, there's our round up of stuff we really love baby wise at this age. To see even more of the stuff we love for babies and kids, or our home, click here.

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