November 7, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: All For the Boys

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature here, where I share with you one of the blogs on my reading list and tell you why you should be reading it too! For a complete list of all the blogs I heart click here.
Happy Monday Friends!

I'm today to share with you a blog I'm lovin' these days. All for the boys is written by Allison Waken, Mom to two boys, married to one! Her blog is filled with all things for boys! I had the pleasure of finally getting to meet Miss Allison just a couple weeks ago at a blog event for Down East.

What I love most about this blog, is her ability to see a need out there and have a passion for sharing with the Internet world ideas for boys in a girly, girl, parties everywhere all the time land of pink and ribbons. Allison shares with you some great ideas for crafts for boys, party ideas, simple experiments to keep your boys occupied.

Meet Allison;

(from her blog)

This space was created for boys, moms with boys, and people who love to find boy things! Basically All for the Boys! I found myself wandering down isles of craft fair booths always trying to find something new that was created just for boys but it always seemed to find very little and what I did was just like everything else. Boy stuff doesn't have to be all baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls am I right?! The Internet is much the same - there is some amazing boy inspiration to be found but it is often buried under the (maybe much easier to please?) girl stuff!

Isn't that awesome! See I told ya!

I don't even have boys in my life, I probably wouldn't know the first thing to do with a boy but Allison's blog makes it look easy and fun to come up with great ideas for your little ones. A lot of the stuff I find on her site I think is fantastic even if I am a Mom to 1 girl.

Some of my favorites are her Fort Fridays. Seriously, what boy doesn't love a good fort? I think I love them too just as much. And, if you're a big fan of Harry Potter check out this amazing birthday party she threw for her son. Allison also took her kiddos and Hubs on a little road trip this summer, she was awesome enough to record all the details along the way in her Road Trip Round Up series! It kinda makes me wanna take a road trip, to bad I can't get my Hubby on board with that.

If you have sons, if you home is all boys all the time, or maybe you have 1 boy in a sea of girls check out her blog. You'll leave happy and full of inspiration and ideas for your little boys!

Happy Monday Everyone!


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