May 27, 2009


I've heard it said, "Hindsight is 20/20."
Have you heard that before? I'm sure you have. Isn't that the way it always is, looking back on a situation you can always see something, where it went wrong, or how it would have worked out better.
I feel like the current theme of our lives for the past 8 months has been one of learning lessons from the trials we've been faced with. There have been moments when I have cried out that I don't want to go through this anymore, can we [I] just be done? (if, we're being honest here.) During this time we've learned a ton of lessons some more obvious than others, I admit. We are still going through a lot currently, and I am still trying to find the silver lining in a few things. But, I know over all Orion and I have grown closer than I ever thought possible. We've really had to lean on each other during this time, and that has taught us a lot about ourselves and our marriage. I probably could go on, and on about all the trials we've faced and the lessons that came out of them, but there's a 2 BIG things in all this that I take away from this;
At the end of the day, I think the true test of trials in our lives are these:
1. I want to be found faithful to Christ in all my situations and trials.
I want people to look at Orion and I and know that even though we've faced a ton of adversity and still currently are that we've done it with faith and purpose. Style and grace. (that's more me) That they would see that we've drawn closer to God during all of this, and we're making it because of that alone.
2. I want to have learned at least something from every trial we've faced.
I don't just want to look back on this time in our lives saying, "WOW, that was a really crappy time, glad it's over." I want to look back and say, even though it was less than desirable circumstances, look at all we've learned and how we're better for it in the end. I don't want to live life with regrets, that's why I feel it's really important in every situation you face good or bad to find the lessons you can take away from that experience and grow from them. This also helps you know if it was worth it or not, all that you went through.
Although, I know it's not over yet. I feel at peace, and thankful to God that he's gotten us this far and that he's blessed me with an amazing Husband so that I don't have to walk this journey alone.


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